Delta TechOps

Department 206 Cabin Experience and IFE-C

Cabin Experience is tasked with protecting the brand image of Delta. We maintain the primary touch points inside the cabin including IFE-C and Internet and drive innovation and reliability improvements for customer satisfaction. Cabin Experience currently operates out of 12 domestic stations.

Department 220 Radio Shop

Department 220 is responsible for the maintenance of a majority of the Communication (ATA 23) and the Navigation (ATA 34) Systems on Delta’s fleet and customers worldwide.

Department 246 Bearings Inspection and Carbon Seal Shop

Department 246 provides inspection, repair and overhaul of Carbon Seals and Bearings for a wide variety of engines, gearbox, and APUs. The department employs A&P mechanics and Aircraft Support Mechanics to perform these functions.

Department 271 Engine Parts Processing

Department 271 consist of three individual shop locations throughout Technical Operations. The primary job scope involves the processing of Engine, Component, and Landing Gear parts and accessories for inspection prior to the determination of serviceability. Processing parts includes aqueous cleaning, abrasive blasting, paint stripping, vapor degreasing, Zinc Phosphate processing, as well as corrosion removal and prevention.

Department 275 Plating Shop

The Plating Shop has the capability to apply various finishes and coatings to engine and landing gear parts using the latest technology to ensure a safe compliant product in a competitive time frame. We currently process over 2000 parts per month with a team of 60+ technicians.

Department 276 Plasma Spray

The Plasma Spray shop removes and re-applies plasma coatings on parts from the aircraft engine, APU, landing gear, components and airframe.

Department 281 Engine Hospital Shop

The Delta TechOps Engine Hospital Shop has three engine repair bays dedicated for strategic field maintenance workscope shop visits for wide variety of engine models with limited engine penetration and that can be accomplished in one to ten days.

Department 282 Large Test Cell

Responsible for testing Jet Engines to demonstrate they achieve Take-Off performance following an Engine overhaul event.

Department 282 Small Test Cell

Responsible for testing Jet Engines to demonstrate they achieve Take-Off performance following an Engine overhaul event.

Department 283 Pratt and Whitney 2000 Shop

Dept. 283 Provides Engine Maintenance Services for the Pratt & Whitney PW2037, PW2040, and PW2043 Commercial Engines. The Pratt & Whitney PW2000 commercial engine series is best known for powering the Boeing 757-200 and entered service with Delta Air Lines as the civil aviation launch customer. Today, PW2000s are in use in medium-to-long-haul commercial and military applications. The PW2000 engine also entered service in 1984 as the first commercial engine with Electronic Engine Control (EEC) technology.

Department 284 GE Shop

The GE CF6 Engine Shop is an overhaul engine shop with capabilities to house up to 14 engines in WIP. We are currently equipped with 4 assembly bays as well as 4 disassembly bays. We have a rotor shop and a mod shop to provide light maintenance visits as well as heavy maintenance. We provide service not only to the airline but also many MRO customers. We are also responsible for providing maintenance for the GE-90 Engine spares. Soon we will incorporate the new CF6-80E into the fleet.

Department 286 APU & Gearbox Shop

Dept. 286, Provides Maintenance and Repair of APU’s

Department 287 Pratt and Whitney 4000 Shop

Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 94-inch fan model is the first in a family of high-thrust aircraft engines. With thrust ranging from 52,000 to 62,000 pounds, it powers the Airbus A310-300 and A300-600 aircraft, Boeing 747-400, 767-200/300 and MD-11 aircraft. There have been over 2,150 engines produced, which are providing dependable power for airlines around the world. Delta TechOps PW 4000-94 has supplied MRO solutions and services since 1990. We have over 80 average annual aircraft engine overhaul shop visits and average overhaul turnaround times 70 days (individual TAT varies by work scope and terms).

Department 288 JT8D-219 Shop

Department 288, produces Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 (JT8D-217C & JT8D-219) commercial jet engines. The JT8D-200 turbofan jet engine series covers the 18,500- to 21,700-pound thrust range and is the exclusive power for the popular MD-80 series aircraft. Since starting service in 1980, more than 2,900 JT8D-200 engines have been produced Pratt & Whitney Commercial Engines - JT8D Aircraft Engine Profile • Axial-flow front turbofan jet engine with dual-spool design • Nine can-annular combustion chambers • Three-stage low-pressure turbine

Department 289 CFM Shop

The CFM56 engine family is produced in a cooperative 50-50 venture between General Electric and Snecma Moteurs, CFM International, and consists of five different models covering a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 lb. CFM56 commercial aviation engines can be found on Airbus A320, A340-200/-300 long-haul transports and all Boeing 737s. The CFM56 aircraft engine is a proven asset and the best-selling jet engine in the commercial transport market with nearly 14,000 backorders from 300 different customers. Delta TechOps has experienced aircraft engine technicians that can manage any airline fleet engine maintenance and jet engine overhaul job.

Department 290 Fuel Shop

Department 290 overhauls, repairs, and test various fuel components including fuel controls, main engine pumps, fuel actuators, and fuel boost pumps for multiple engine and fleet types. We are FAA Part 145 and Part 121 approved and can certify many parts to other air agency requirements as well. Our goal is to produce the safest, highest quality component available with a world class turn-around time. We are ISO 9001 Certificated and are always looking to expand our capabilities.

Department 292 Oil Shop

Department 292 consist of three production lines encompassing IDG’s, APU generators, flight control mechanisms, engine oil pumps and APU oil pumps. We consistently look to broaden our capabilities to meet the ever changing demand of our customers.

Department 298 Wire Harness Shop

Department 298 tests, repairs and overhauls engine harnesses and electrical engine accessories as well as APU harnesses and electrical accessories. We test, repair and overhaul electric APU starter motors, electric motor fans for equipment cooling, cabin air recirculation as well as vacuum fans for lavatories. Additional capabilities include Accelerometer, exciter boxes for ignition systems, engine fire/overheat detectors as well as various engine related thermocouples and probes

Department 299 CF34 Shop

As the best-selling regional jet engine in its class, the CF34 by General Electric has become a commercial aviation industry favorite. The CF34 aircraft engine can generally be found on business jets and 50, 70, or 100 seat regional jets; it has become the industry standard on 50 and 70-seat aircraft. Airlines have a critical need for expert CF34 jet engine maintenance that is performed cost-effectively.

Department 300 General Repair Machine Shop

The general machining shop is the center of excellence when it comes to precision machining. We have the ability to hold minimum tolerances across a large variety of machining repairs. Precision blade tip grinding of rotor assemblies, landing gear pistons and cylinders as well as many other landing gear components. We offer large capacity gantry milling for over size parts as well as other multi axis CNC capabilities for almost any application required.

Department 301 Stator/Composite Shop

Department 301 provides inspection, repair and overhaul on a wide variety engine stators, shrouds, fairings, liners, acoustic panels, front fan cases, fan blade containment cases, fan blade platforms, spinner cones, stationary air / oil seals, compressor inlet segments, and guide pads. The department employs a wide variety of aviation maintenance skills including licensed A&P mechanics, machinists, welders, and aviation painters.

Department 310 Case Shop

Our main focus is on engine case parts.

Department 311M Engine Mounts and Hardware Shop

The Mounts and Hardware shop is your one stop all inclusive shop from Work scoping parts to ensure compliance, Sheet metal repairs, welding, FPI Class 2 and 4,Shot peening processes, Exhaust Nozzle/Sleeve repairs and Mount repairs. We also provide mount bolt convenience kits for your fleet to ensure a fluent, compliant and efficient engine change.

Department 320 Electrical Accessories Shop

Electrical Accessories Department 320 provides repair capabilities on electrically operated actuators, drives, lights, controllers as well as sensors, transmitters and batteries.

Department 338 Precision Measuring Equipment Testing

Department 338 is responsible for the calibration of electronic test equipment, ramp testers and air data support equipment.

Department 350 Instrument Shop

Department 350 is responsible for the maintenance of Instruments (ATA 22), Cabin Controller (ATA 21), Fire Warning Avionics (ATA 26), Fuel Avionics (ATA 28), Cockpit Panels (ATA 39), Engine/APU Transmitters/Sensors (ATA 77), AOA Sensor (ATA 31) and Crew Oxygen (ATA 35) Systems on Delta’s fleet and customers worldwide.

Department 351 Electronic Shop

Department 351 is responsible for the maintenance of AFCS MCP (ATA 22), Primary Cockpit Display (ATA 31), Inertial Reference & EGPWS, TA/VSI, Standby Display (ATA34), and Engine Display (ATA 77) Systems on Delta’s fleet and customers worldwide.

Department 352 ATE Electronic Shop

Department 352 is responsible for the maintenance for flight computers and controllers, to include APU and Engine control.

Department 353 Audio/Visual Shop

Department 353 is responsible for the maintenance for DFDR/CVR, Inflight Entertainment systems and PA/Interphone systems

Department 360 Hydraulic Shop

Department 360 consist of four production lines encompassing hydraulic actuators, valves, flight controls and pumps. We consistently look to broaden our capabilities to meet the ever changing demand of our customers. We strive to live up to our motto “Excellence Under Pressure”.

Department 361 Electropneumatic Shop

The Pneumatic Shop has a wide range of component capabilities that extend beyond valves, air cycle machines, thermostats/sensors, air starters and pneumatic controllers. We also service, overhaul and hydrostatic test fixed fire bottles and door assist bottles in our Bottle Shop. We are continuously adding new components to our capabilities list, including Airbus components.

Department 362 Component Repair Shop

Component Machine Shop has been a leading provider of innovative, practical and total quality machining support for more than 20 years. We are a full service machine shop, custom tooling manufacturer and an engineering/design resource. Our focus has always been on the customer’s true needs. We have developed a loyal customer base built on service, knowledge, trust and quality. We support all of Component Maintenance with any machine shop need they may have.

Department 380 Aircraft Sheetmetal Shop

Our mission is to deliver sheet metal fabrication to our internal and external customers with on time, safe, and reliable products.

Department 381 Thrust Reverser Shop

The Shop manages all aspects of the repair process for all of Delta’s mainline aircraft including in-house and outside repair. The Shop is located in the back of the Stores Remote building that is part of the Cargo facility across the street from the TOC. Our main support shops are the Hydraulic Shop, 360, the ATL Composite Shop, 382, and the MSP Composite Shop, 384.

Department 382 Aircraft Bonding Shop

Delta Airlines bonding shop provides its customers with the most comprehensive array of repair, manufacturing, and engineering available to the aerospace industry. Recognizing the complexity and schedule performance are crucial, Delta provides a customized program to meet customer’s needs.

Department 383 Engine Cowls and Airframe Structure Shop

ENGINE COWLINGS, AND AIRFRAMES STRUCTURES • Responsible for receiving, inspection and overhaul of aircraft doors, eingine cowlings, and flight controls. • Providing component repair support for both hangar and line maintenance. • Available for consult to hangar and line maintenance on effective prime parts.

Department 384 Hangar Composite (MSP)

This Page is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Department 386 Large Test Cell (MSP)

The Delta TechOps Aircraft MSP Engine Shop is a dedicated Hospital Shop and Test Cell for strategic repairs that require limited aircraft engine penetration and that can be accomplished in one to ten days. Our MRO Team of aircraft engine specialists provides on wing engine maintenance, delivering world-class MRO services, quick turns and exceptional value for MRO customers. MSP Engine Maintenance is primarily responsible for the acceptance, inspection, repair, and testing of aircraft engines in Delta’s mainline fleet. Approximately 400 Engines / APU’s are processed through MSP each year. Our capabilities include the JT8D, JT9D, V2528-D5, CFM56-5A, PW2037/PW2040, PW4056, PW4168, and Trent 895-17. We perform Lease Acceptance, Lease Return, and Purchase procedures of all engine types. We also receive and inspect all models of APU’s received back from OSR (outside repair) and certify Delta serviceable. MSP is certified as a Delta Satellite Repair Station under FAA 14 CFR Part 145 for work on customer engines.

Department 390 Parts Repair Shop

Department 390 overhauls, repairs, and test various potable and waste water components, cargo guides and stops, cabin interior accessories in addition to aircraft and engine tube and duct repair. We are FAA Part 145 and Part 121 approved and can certify many parts to other air agency requirements as well. Our goal is to produce the safest, highest quality component available with a world class turn-around time. We are ISO 9001 Certificated and are always looking to expand our capabilities.

Department 391 Wheel and Brake Shop

Dept. 391 Wheel and Brake is a world class facility overhaul and repair facility delivering industry leading turn times and a quality product. We produce over 100 wheels and 21 brakes daily to support our fleet. We also have NDT testing capabilities and a machine shop that can perform specialized repairs to wheels and brake reducing our scrap rate. Please contact us to see if we can help you with your fleet needs.

Department 392 Landing Gear Shop

Offering service from inspection to complete overhaul, the Landing Gear Shop provides safe and reliable gear for Delta and customers alike. Staffed with 66 maintenance professionals we provide around the clock coverage for on and off wing assistance.

Department 401 Blade and Vane Shop

Provide about 2,000,000 airfoils annually via internal repair OSR, for all internally repaired engines and fan blade LRU and line support for all engines in Delta’s fleet.

Department 402 Heat Treat, Honeycomb and Combustion Chamber Shop

Department 402 provides inspection, repair and overhaul on a wide variety of combustion chambers, engine parts with honeycomb seals, APU and general aircraft parts. The department employs a wide variety of aviation maintenance skills including A&P mechanics, machinists and welders.

Department 420 Cabin Furnishings Shop

The Crew Seat Shop repairs Flight Deck Crew Seats, Flight Attendant Seats and Lie Flat Passenger Seats that enhance the customer experience. The Thermoform Shop repairs and fabricates plastic thermoformed parts.

Department 426 Commissary Shop

The Commissary Shop repairs several items that enhance the customer experience such as, ovens, chillers, and coffee makers. This shop also repairs several items of flight safety such as operable flight deck windows, pilot tubes, and emergency use equipment.

Department 470 Base Logistics

Base Logistics is the epicenter for aircraft part supply for the entire Delta fleet as well as our many outside customer contracts. We are responsible for support to Line, Base, Engine, Component, and Cabin Maintenance operations globally. In addition to those customers we also support the inventory demands of all domestic and international Line Logistics and several MRO stations throughout the entire Delta Network. Our goal is to be the premier logistics organization in the world.

Department 589 Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

Department 589 is a repair, support and calibration shop that supports Delta TechOps Engine, Component, and Base Maintenance, Facilities and Material Logistics. Our highly skilled staff of technicians consists of industrial electricians,Programmable Logic Controlers (PLC) technicians, machinists, hydraulic, mechanical, welders/fabricators, calibration and deminsional inspectors.