Delta TechOps

Delta TechOps Aircraft Maintenance
1775 M H Jackson Service Road
Atlanta, GA 30354

Department 311M Engine Mounts and Hardware Shop

The Mounts and Hardware shop is your one stop all inclusive shop from Work scoping parts to ensure compliance, Sheet metal repairs, welding, FPI Class 2 and 4,Shot peening processes, Exhaust Nozzle/Sleeve repairs and Mount repairs. We also provide mount bolt convenience kits for your fleet to ensure a fluent, compliant and efficient engine change.
Manager Contact Information 

Ken Murray
Dept. 311M
Delta TechOps Aircraft Maintenance
1775 M H Jackson Service Road
Atlanta, GA 30354

    • JT8D
    • PW2000
    • PW4000                                                   2015-2016 servicing BR715
    • CFM
    • CF6
    • CF34
    • Trent
  • Piece Part Workscope (engine types- PW2000, PW4000, PW JT8, CFM56, CF34, CF6, etc.)
    • Visual Inspection
    • Dimensional Inspection
    • Initial and intermediate routing
    • Return to service


    • General sheetmetal repair
    • Fabrication repairs
    • Bearing/bushing removal and replacement
    • Dry Film application
    • Return to servic
    • Sleeves and Nozzles – Full Restoration on PW2000, PW4000(4060/4460), CFM56-3,5,7 and CF6 A2 / C2


    • Source qualified on Pratt Whitney JT8, PW2000 and PW4000 shotpeening
    • Capable of shotpeening both critical and non-critical parts


  • WELD
    • Both aircraft and non-aircraft certified
    • Capable of welding a wide spectrum of base material types to include Columbium, Cobalt, Inconel, Niobium, Aluminum, Stainless, and Ferrous alloys


    • High Sensitivity Water Wash method qualified on non-critical and non-rotating parts
    • Ultra High Sensitivity Post-Emulsifiable method qualified on non-critical and non-rotating parts


    • Full Overhaul and Restoration of forward and aft engine to pylon mounts for several engine types including PW2000, PW4000, PW JT8, CFM56, CF34, CF6
    • Return to service
    • Mount Bolt Convenience Kits for several Airframes including A319/320, A330, B737, B757, B767, B777, B747, MD88, MD90, B717
Competitive Advantages 
    • Department 311 in shop engineering support.
    •  Work center support on site.
    •  1 skill specific Lead AMT’s onsite to support 12 highly Qualified skill specific AMT’s.
    •  7 day a week work coverage including afternoon shift and weekends.
    •  Onsite shop safety coordinator.
    •  Onsite work process review coordinator.
    •  Onsite material services support
    •  Onsite testing lab
    •  Onsite shop support repair processes: Plasma Spray, Inspection MPI, Heat treat, Machine shop, Plating Shop
Shop Specific Certifications 


  • Engine Mounts.
  • Shot Peen