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Delta TechOps Aircraft Maintenance
1775 M H Jackson Service Road
Atlanta, GA 30354

Department 206 Cabin Experience and IFE-C

Cabin Experience is tasked with protecting the brand image of Delta. We maintain the primary touch points inside the cabin including IFE-C and Internet and drive innovation and reliability improvements for customer satisfaction. Cabin Experience currently operates out of 12 domestic stations.
Manager Contact Information 

MD-Joe McDermott
GM-Kelly Holmes
GM-Geoff Pettis
GM-Amanda Fish-IFE-C
Delta TechOps Cabin Experience
1000 Toffee Terrace
Atlanta, GA 30354


Cabin Experience has coverage in ATL, BOS, CVG, DTW, EWR, JFK, LAX, LGA, MCO, MSP, SEA, and SLC. Coverage may include the following teams:

HVC Team / Maintain Delta’s diverse fleet of premium seating

  • Vantage (767 fleet)
  • Solar (777 fleet)
  • Cirrus (A330 and 747 fleet)
  • Diamond (757 fleet)
  • Thompson V2 (A350)
  • 6810 (First Class domestic narrow body)
  • 7070 (First Class domestic wide body)
  • BE MIQ (A350)

IFE and Customer Impact Items


  • Trouble shoot and address IFE and Wi-Fi
  • Replace LRU components such as Coffee Makers, Oven and Chillers

Social Media Response

  • Respond to Social Media concerns and provide positive feedback issues were addressed

Paint and Laminate Team

Target team of skilled AMT’s and ASM’s able to address a variety of interior issues

  • Wall recovering
  • Premium seat furniture repair
  • Overhead bin repairs
  • Light composite work (on wing)
  • Moderate composite work (off wing)
  • Shroud refinishing
  • Metal work

Hangar Maintenance Team (ATL/ MSP only)

In addition to line maintenance Cabin also support Delta’s hangar operation in ATL and MSP by providing staff to support hangar visits

  • Full interior flooring changes
  • Seat dress cover and cushion replacement
  • Composite repairs
  • Overhead bin repainting
  • Wall covering replacement
  • Lavatory refinishing
  • Seating repairs
  • Cabin Related AA/ ERA execution

Planned Scheduled Maintenance Team

Cabin Experience Core functions include

  • Cabin Reliability Visit (CRV) completed every 15 days and includes inspection and repair top reliability drivers
  • Brand Impact Visit (BIV) completed every 45 days and includes a CRV and items that drive brand impact
  • Cabin Audit Visit (CAV) completed every 135 days and includes a CRV and BIV as well as low audit scoring areas and substantial repairs
  • MEL/ NEF clearance – Completed in conjunction with the CRV, BIV, and CAV as well on demand as the operation requires
  • MEL age is managed to 3 days or less and overall volume of 0.04 per AC
  • CAT A NEF age is managed to 10 days or less
  • CAT B NEF age is managed to 60 days or less
  • Recirculating lavatory tank soak completed every 300 hours
  • Water sampling completed in accordance with EPA and Federal guidelines

In addition to line maintenance functions, Cabin is also responsible for exterior and interior deep cleaning, pest control and leather deep cleaning and on wing refurbishment.  These functions are currently performed by contracted service providers.

Pest Control

  • All pest control is performed domestically at most major stations
  • Pest control is coordinated with the current vendor providing services and pest are trapped in a humane manner
  • Disinsection services performed in accordance with Australian and Brazilian regulations

Exterior Cleaning

  • Exterior cleaning is handled by multiple vendors in domestic and select international cites
  • Cleaning is performed every 200 days

Interior Deep Cleaning

  • Interior cleaning is handled by multiple vendors at domestic and select international cities
  • Cabin cleanings are performed every 180 days
  • Carpet cleaning every 45 days
  • Cockpit cleaning is performed every 90 days

Leather repair and refurbishment

  • Leather seats are deep cleaned every 45 days and ink is removed every 90 days
  • Leather is refurbished as required or every 180 days

Interior/ Exterior Audit

  • AC interiors are audited every 45 days or after an interior maintenance event
  • Exterior audits completed after wash events and data is used to help determine when AC need to be repainted


Competitive Advantages 

Interiors Engineering, RFID and IFE

Cabin Maintenance has a full complement of onsite engineering and analyst to be able to address any of the airlines demands.

Engineering -diverse group of talented people include engineers for all disciplines that enable quick and decisive decisions that allow us to stay safe, reliable and on-time

  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Material
  • OOPP

RFID integration

  • Prevents hard-time overruns and AC configuration control
  • Reduces labor by eliminating repetitive visual inspections

IFE Analytics

  • Analyze IFE performance
  • Coordinates timely repairs of IFE systems to reduce compensation


Shop Specific Certifications 

Cabin Maintenance’s structure allows it to be uniquely competitive in the interiors maintenance space.  With a complete team of individuals that are able to provide the following;


  • Team of dedicated subject matter experts (SME) segregated by ATA
  • Provides continuing support to front line teams

Materials Support

  • Experienced materials individuals that can procure and allocate material for daily or specialized demand

Planning Desk

  • 24 hour staffed desk for planning of maintenance events

Interior Modifications

Cabin Maintenance also completes interior modifications on line AC

  • Ground time of 48 hours or less
  • Dedicated hangar space not required
  • Segmented packages on RAD/ RON AC
  • Simple installs to complete cabin reconfigurations
  • STC projects
  • Multiple station touch for quick accomplishment

Interior Cabin Audit and Passenger Survey

  • Use of independent audit data to drive targeted maintenance of customer impact areas
  • Direct passenger feedback that drives maintenance program improvements for better passenger experience